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Mental Health Matters!

Dealing with mental health issues can be very difficult. Feeling shame and fearing judgement around seeking support makes individuals feel isolated and can prevent them from healing. The shame associated with mental health problems causes negative impacts on individuals lives. It is important to break the silence and reach out to aide in your journey of healing.

We often feel guilty or shame that we have been dealing with difficult emotions and we may fear that if we reach out for help that we admit that we cannot care for ourselves. This is a way of internalizing the stigmas around mental health. However, mental health matters! If we had a toothache and continuously ignored it, the problem would not get better on its own. We need to care for our mental health the same we would our physical health. There are many benefits to seeking mental health support by speaking to a counsellor. You build coping skills, increase your communication skills, reduce stress levels, build meaningful connections with others, improve your self esteem, improve your overall wellbeing, and make positive changes in your life.

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